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Did you eat something at a restaurant and were wondering how to whip it up for your family.

Don't wait , don't hesitate ASK FOR IT!!!. This page is just for you . At Indian delicacies we ask expert cooks for advice, So they definitely will have the recipe you need.

Email with your questions.

Indian Delicacies is able to answer only one recipe request per person for free due to huge load of requests, this includes requests on dishes that need to meet specific diets. People who want more than one can contact the chef and ask them for a price. In case more than one recipe request is send we will answer the first one and ignore the others.

Thank You


Disclaimer: There are millions of recipes in the world, If Indian delicacies do not have answers to any recipe , It will research and send you the recipe, In such case it does not accept responsibility for the content. Indian Delicacies holds the right to decide to answer or not to any requests.