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Health Facts

This month Health facts gives you the facts about the essential minerals necessary in a healthy diet.



Our body's need for minerals links us closely to our heritage of the sea as these major elements were once part of the evolution in all forms. Minerals are essential to our health. Our bodies cannot make them like they make some vitamins, so it is essential we obtain them from foods.
Mineral Function Within The Body Therapeutic Uses Sources
Calcium Required for bone and tooth formation and maintenance.

Normal Nerve Transmission

Muscular growth

Permeability of cell Membranes

Forms apart of intercellular fluid

Preventing and treating osteoporosis, relieving painful muscular cramps and help relax muscles Green leafy vegetables, liver, Milk and dairy products, Sardines and almonds
Chromium Normal Utilisation Of sugar

Cellular energy production

Helps reduce sugar cravings Cheese, Clams, Mushrooms, Liver, Yeast
Iron Used in the formation of haemoglobin in the blood so assists oxygen supply to the cells

Cellular energy production

Iron replacement due to excessive blood loss or dietary deficiency, increases stamina, relieve muscle fatigue Dark green leafy vegetables, red meats, liver, poultry, eggs, whole grains, dry fruits.
Magnesium Cellular energy production

Improves strength of bones and teeth

muscular health

Involved in hundreds of enzyme reactions

Nervousness, Muscular tenseness and cramping (pre-menstrual cramping) tiredness Bran, brown rice, green vegetables, honey, nuts, organ meats.
Manganese Activates many enzyme reactions and fat and carbohydrate metabolism

Acts as an anti-oxidant

Low energy and bone health Bananas, wheat, celery, eggyolks, greens, legumes, liver, pineapple.
Potassium Helps generate normal muscle contraction

regulates water and acid and water balance in the blood and tissues

Energy metabolism

It helps relieve deficiency symptoms and muscle weakness Apricots, Brussels sprouts, Broccoli, Figs, Peaches and tomato juice.
Silica Promotes firmness and strength in the tissues

Helps formation of collagen and strengthens bones

Helps strengthen hair and nails, Maintains elasticity of skin and helps tissue repair Oats, Wheat, Rice, Alfalfa, Lettuce, Cucumber and Avocado.
Zinc Involved in many biological functions , normal tissue repair and skin health

Normal male physiology and function

To assist wound healing due to burns, injury or surgery, acne treatment, Promote nail, skin and hair health Fish, liver, meat, mushrooms, sunflower oil, onions and oysters.

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